Collecting observations of daily living

Empower will help to collect data on vital, physical and mental parameters, concerning physical and lifestyle activities and medication compliance.

Observations and patterns of daily living are cues that people attend to in the course of their everyday life, that inform them about their health. They are different from signs, symptoms, and clinical indicators and can therefore not be directly mapped to biomedical models of disease and illness. Typically, they are defined by the patient and their families because they are meaningful to them, and help them to self-manage their health and make decisions about it. EMPOWER will collect patterns of daily living in different ways (e.g. by the patients/care-givers/automatically by devices, structured or plain text) and based on multimodal interfaces (e.g. mobile, web, speech-based). EMPOWER will provide several services for different aspects (e.g. vital / mental parameters, medication, physical activities) and the challenge will be to semantically integrate these different types of collected ODL data and to analyse patterns.

EMPOWER develops open source services for patterns of daily living in particular for observations about vital, physical and mental parameters and about physical and lifestyle activities. The knowledge models for these services will include standards based information models (e.g. CEN 13606, HL7 RIM-based application architecture ) and appropriate medical terminologies (e.g. LOINC, SNOMED)