Market overview

Diabetes Disease Management Systems

Global perspective

Currently, it is estimated that more than 371 million people suffer from diabetes across the globe, most of which are around the age bracket of 40 – 59 (Transparency Market Research. (2013). Global Diabetes Devices Market and Diabetes Drugs Market-  Industry Scenario, Trends, Analysis, Size, Share &Forecast 2011 – 2018).  The region that is suffering the most from diabetes is the Eastern part of the world: Western Pacific with more than 132 million, followed by South East Asia with 70 million people. Next in line is Europe with 55 million people as displayed in Error! Reference source not found.. Regions with the lowest spread of the disease (such as Africa) have the highest percentage of undiagnosed people, due to the lack of awareness in the health community.

The global market size for diabetes management accounts for a big chunk of the economy where more than 471 billion USD was spent in 2011 on healthcare for diabetes and this number is estimated to balloon in the following years. This number includes all kinds of products from tiny test strips to anti-diabetic drugs, to administration (International Diabetes Federation. (2012). IDF Diabetes Atlas Update 2012 (5th ed.).

The diagnosis, follow up, maintenance, and prevention of the disease consists of many factors that are very costly. According to IDF, diabetic therapies and diagnostics market has an estimated value of 51.2 billion USD in 2015, the insulin and administrative devices are estimated to be worth 16.4 billion USD in 2015, and the monitoring devices and accessories are expected to reach 13.1 billion USD in 2015.

The market values of the different diabetes related treatments are spread across various developing countries; however, the United States produces more than one third of this revenue; it is expected to drop over the next years because of the continuous economic growth in the Asian-Pacific region (Transparency Market Research, 2013). On the other hand, Europe seems to have an important role in the diabetes market as the total direct annual cost for diabetes ranges from 7.37 billion USD in Spain to 58.39 billion USD in Germany, according to IDF statistics.

German perspective

In Germany, the number of type-2 diabetes patients is currently estimated at about 6.5 million. The peak incidence in the elderly has implications for the likely development of type 2 diabetes. This forecast, combined with the high incidence of type 2 diabetes suggests that it will come to a further increase in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the next 20 years in Germany (http://www.deutsche-diabetes-gesellschaft.de/).

Turkish perspective

Diabetes Protection and Control Program (2011-2014) of Turkey is an action plan exclusively designed for protecting people from diabetes, early diagnosis of diabetes and effective treatment of people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Although the primary aim of the Program is significantly reduce the incidence and prevalence of diabetes among the population, it also targets, in the long term, to reduce the costs which are made for diabetes treatment

IDF International Diabetes Atlas 2012