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Market overview of Diabetes Disease Management Systems

Currently, it is estimated that more than 371 million people suffer from diabetes across the globe, most of which are around the age bracket of 40 – 59 (more…)

Education and Decision Support

Two main aspects are important when trying to meet patients’ needs and to support self-management by means of ICT: (1)  the necessity to involve patients in the design of the interventions, and (2) the importance of embedding the technological intervention into the primary care system.  (more…)

Related projects

EMPOWER explored related research projects, focusing on activities that are supported by the European commission. The projects are divided into three groups according to the main research fields of EMPOWER. (more…)

Self-management programs and initiatives

Self-management is seen as a key competence for Patient Empowerment and emphasises that persons with chronic diseases has the central role in managing their health. All people with chronic conditions self-manage to some extent, although the ability and resources vary across their lifespan and at different stages of the condition.  (more…)

eHealth standards

In order to process EHR data safely, semantic interoperability is required, meaning that computational services are enabled to reliably interpret clinical data that has been integrated from diverse sources. So far various initiatives have contributed towards establishing a semantic framework for health records as described below. (more…)