Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Austria

Salzburg Research is the non-profit research organisation of the State of Salzburg. Salzburg Research conducts applied research in the areas of information and communication technologies with a focus on creating and managing digital content. We presently employ 70 researchers across our application areas of Digital Media, eTourism, IT-enhanced Learning and eHealth.

The Knowledge and Media Technology group (KMT) within Salzburg Research works on combining knowledge based modelling and inferencing with multimedia and database technology. For example, we have built authoring tools for annotating multimedia presentations with semantic mark-up coming from predefined knowledge models (CULTOS, FP5). In the METOKIS project (FP6) we developed task models that can be matched with knowledge-based hypermedia content. KiWi (FP7) combines the wiki method of collaborative content creation with the technologies of the Semantic Web. IKS (FP7) is an integrated project which is coordinated by SRFG and aims to provide an open source technology platform for semantically enhanced content management systems.  iCARDEA (FP7, Call 4, duration 02/2010 – 01/2013) develops an intelligent platform to semi-automate the follow-up of CIED patients with context-aware, adaptable computer interpretable clinical guideline models. SRFG’s role in iCARDEA is to develop a PHR system for cardiac patients with Patient Empowerment services. iMedication is an Austrian project which sets up a comprehensive knowledge-based Adverse Drug Event reporting process and specifies drug risk patterns. SRFG is the coordinator of iMedication, specifies the collaborative reporting process and provides the knowledge base including knowledge models for adverse drug events and medication risk patterns based on medical standards. The eHealth research focus of the SRFG is on PHR systems, eHealth interoperability and Patient Empowerment.


For more information, visit the website of Salzburg Research: www.salzburgresearch.at